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Shaw Jewelry is the home of extraordinary contemporary jewelry by national artists as well as the largest collection of work by Sam Shaw. It is located in Northeast Harbor, Maine, near the resort destination of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Shaw Jewelry Gallery is an expansive showroom with over 100 artists represented in a spacious, well-designed environment. You will find luxurious jewelry in high karat gold with precious stones, pearls and diamonds. You will also find exotic and unusual artist made pieces in alternative materials and challenging aesthetic. Shaw Jewelry Gallery also hosts 20 exhibitions each year showcasing painters, photographers, sculptors and object makers.

 The studio gallery is open all year with the summer being the height of the season. We have 4 trained jewelers on staff that can perform the most difficult repairs or help you design an outstanding original piece. Custom work, personal service, attention to detail and exacting standards are hallmark traditions of Shaw jewelry.  Since 1984 Shaw Jewelry has been under the ownership of Sam Shaw in the same location where his regular customers know they will be treated with utmost honesty and respect.

The jewelry of Sam Shaw is organized around three main themes or groups; Twig, beachstone and gemstone. The twig group begins by converting thin birch tree twigs to 18kt gold in a process akin to lost wax. I fabricate these into jewelry like a high-end topiary artist. The desired effect is a piece that appears to have grown on your wrist. Each piece is fabricated from these individually cast twigs through joining, soldering and bending. The texture and surface must be retained, the scale correct, the transitions natural.

In 1985 I created a collection of jewelry centered on the delight of wave worn beachstones. My interest stems from the intrinsic beauty and the understandings of the processes that formed them. That I would set beachstones as gemstones is a linear and logical conclusion of my combined interests. Beyond that, I am very engaged in the duality between precious (gold) and what is generally considered without worth (beach stone). By setting these humble stones in high karat gold constructions I am forcing the viewer to consider them as something of value.

The seduction and curiosity of gems from the earth is foremost in my gemstone group. Typically set in minimalist bezels or hammed discs, these colorful radiating gems are romanced with 22 kt gold. Sam always returns from the worlds largest gem show in Tucson with fresh baubles in delicious colors, textures and cuts. Each stone is individually selected for quality, desirability, and price. The beauty and complexity of the stone is favored above the settings in this collection.

Shaw Jewelry is remarkable in it’s ever changing variety of inventory and exhibitions including fabulous jewelers, Maharajah diamond jewelry from India, minimal European machine aesthetic, provocative and avante guarde pieces, thematic and narrative, South Sea pearls, and jewelry made from alternative materials including Formica, glass, and recycled materials. The range of price is also vast.

There are up to 20 exhibitions per year on subjects including all matter of jewelry themes, estate jewelry, modernist and regional painting, black & white photography, anti war medals, Asian artifacts, book making and Inuit carving.

Jewelry artists represented include: California Collections, Recycled Planet, Jarin Kasi, Pyrrah, Metal Monk, Margaret  Ellis, Extasia, Swallow, Ben-Amun, Rebecca Morman, Suzy Landa, Jessica Fields, Todd Pardon, Carolyn Morris Bach, Aaron Henry, Constance Gildea, Sue Dorman, Andrew Goss, Mary Pearse, Sharon Massey, Allyson Bone, Harriet Estel Berman, Marlene True, Margaux Lange, Joanna Gollberg, Robert Ebendorf, Geneieve Yang, April Higashi, Brooke Battles, Jessica Fields, Suzy Landa, Kristin Beeler, Todd Pardon, Roberta and David Williamson, Aaron Henry, Constance Gildea, Karin Worden, Jamie Cassavoy, Biba Schutz, Ben Neubauer, Patricia Medja, Reiko Ishiyama, Eric Silva, Tina Rath, Rebecca Meyers, Clara Innes Arana, Eduardo Rubio rzate, Boris Bally, Susan Beallor, Alexis Bittar, Andre Brown, Jamie Cassavoy, Petra Class, Marya Dabrowski, Devta Doolan, Hilary Druxman, Sandra Enterline, Pat Flynn, Karen Gilbert, Baharal Gnida, Christina Goodman, Michael Good, Sarah Graham, Gurhan, Barbara Heinrich, Pria Himashinka, Susan Hoge, Hughes Bosca, Thea Izzy, Dahlia Kanner, Konstino Treasures, Amy Levine, Terri Logan, Sydney Lynch, Thomas MannEyesha Mayadas,Karen McClearly,Valerie Mitchell, Maija Neimanis, J E Paterack, Poppi, Jayne Redmon, Lisa Ronay, Amy Schilling, Jordan Schlanger, Stephanie Search, Jen Smith, DiDi Suydam, David Urso, Victoria Varga, Kiwon Wang, Carol Webb, Jeff and Susan Wise, Bernd Wolf, Kathy Buszkiewicz, Connie Verrusio,Stacey Lee Webber, James Thurman, Jim Cotter, Alex Sepkus,  and others.

Painting artists include: Heather Thayer, Nancy Manter, Michael Seif, Bonnie Sol Hahn, John Whalley, Thom Heyer, Jack Gescheidt, Charles Rasmussen, Avy Claire, Judith Larsen, Todd Noe, Miklos Pogany, Seaver Leslie, Fran Foreman, Robert Nueman, Kristina Beal, Tom Blagbon, Heidi Cassat, Maurice Freedman, Bill Irvine, Judy Taylor, Eric Hopkins, Michael Kahn, Paul Ricker, Claire Neves, Robert Shetterly, Phil Frey, Sarah Butler, Rachel von Roeschlaub, Mike Libby, Marcus Balum, Craig Becker and many others.